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Heart of Gold Themes unlocked from the beginning

Randy 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 12

After the Heart of Gold Update (DLC downloaded for free because of the Early-Adopter Bonus) the three Heart of Gold Themes and Worker Skins that should be unlocked by beating the Campaign, doing all hidden Achievements and so on, are all unlocked from the beginning, even though the requirements are not met.

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Really? But why have those missions then if you get the stuff anyway?


because its fun? :D

Well yes it is, but looking at the theme window clearly states "To unlock you have to..."

For the Casita Theme, beat the story

For the next one i don't quiet remember right now

For the Casita Silver, beat all secret achievements for the HoG Campaign

It clearly states that, but unlocks anyway even if you don't do these. So either it's a bug or these missions don't belong into the Theme Window.

Right, double checked now.

Clearly states:

Casita: To unlock, beat all Heart of Gold Campaign Missions

Phaestus: Unlocked by earning all secret achievements in the Heart of Gold Campaign

Casita (Silver): Unlocked by earning all bonus achievements in the Heart of Gold Campaign.

That#s how the Unlockables screen reads. So either it's a bug or the Extra Section is straight down lying.


I'm sorry.
This change was done afterI checked the themes. I will poke Riva and tell him that needs to be fixed. Thanks for the report.

I noticed this issue as well, and in my case it's even weirder because I don't own Hearth of Gold. (yet)

Need to remove the appID from these 3 in unlocks prefab, I think I forgot to do that yesterday

Thanks for the report, you guys are lovely ^_^