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"Worker Rally" placing discrepancy

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 9

Currently you can't place one in rocks and over solid tiles (what was the term for these again?) but can place them in FoW. They can't be got rid of until you reveal the area again and grind any walls or rocks there. Too bad if that formation can not be digged or destroyed.

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Nice job, closing a valid report and then ignoring it.

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you cannot place imp rallies in tiles units cannot move into, like walls.

can you please explain in more detail what you mean? i just dont want to miss an issue if there is one.

"but can place them in FoW."

Yeah, what you say is right, but ^ if you do it in FoW it is possible even if there is a wall here actually.

If we would block them on obstacles like rocks under FoW, then player could use the flag to figure out what is below FoW.
To get a rid of the flags, you can also right click the Worker Rally or Impasse flag icon but this removes all of those flags.

But none of the other rally flags can ever be placed in FoW.



this is incorrect as you can see here

Ahh, I see now. Sorry for the confusion. I really mixed the terms up. I should have used 'unrevealed territory' instead of FoW. So kindly reopen this, it's true for unrevealed areas.

Reopen this, this report is about unrevealed areas.

Hi ZzZombo,

I've reviewed your ticket and found that I am able to successfully dismiss worker rally flags that are in Unrevealed terrain. Please see attached video:

Worker Rally is an exception to a rule regarding Rally Flag placements. Unlike other flags which serve to lead units to a location the Worker Rally flag instead causes Worker Tasks in it's area of affected to be prioritized above others. Rally Flags cannot be placed in unrevealed areas or on walls because units cannot path to that. However Unrevealed areas and Walls can be tagged for excavation or fortified, as a result they are valid targets for worker rally.

Not a Bug

CLosing due to lack of customer response.