Map editor allows to create claimed neutral tiles

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar 7 years ago 6

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Could you explain this a bit more in depth?

In the map editor, select the Neutral player, and then draw a claimed path by any means, or you can simply change ownership of a tile to the Neutral player.

Not a bug.
The neutral player is a valid player faction which can own tiles, rooms or what ever.
The only thing special about the neutral faction is that all units owned by this faction are instantly converted
to any other faction which comes into view range of these units.

So a claimed neutral tile is a normal thing.
When a tile has no owner it wont be claimed.
In map editor no owner is used by selecting "Terrain" as faction.
The "Neutral" faction is a normal player with some different rules attached.

This looks weird and doesn't add anything to the game.

That's an opinion but doesn't make it a bug. ;)