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Tavern missing tables

Emil Hemdal 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 9

The tavern top right (east) on Arcane Prison is missing its table.

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After capturing it, it is still missing the table. The dispenser still shoots but no shots come out and each time it shoots it increased the meals served (denominator) until it reached 16.

EDIT: Player Log here: Player.log


Hrm this would be an issue that occured when the map was made.
The room won't be parsed again (for prop placement) until a new tile is added or an existing tile is sold.
So the question here is not
"Why has this tavern a missing table?"
"How was this tavern without table created with the map editor?"

Btw. does selling and replacing a tile fix this room for you? (it should)

i can confirm that the table is missing, and in addtion i can confirm that the table exists on the original version of this map stored on my PC, so something muste have gone wrong when Nano implemented it to the Game.

Oh yes this makes sense. Then it means it must have been an importing issue.
So maybe Nano can take a look how it failed and we should see if other imported maps are affectecd (have missing props).