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workshop maps and changing install drive

Sonny Bos 7 aastat tagasi uuendaja Jan - Eric Merzel 7 aastat tagasi 1

so im not rly sure if this is a bug, if not it should be a suggestion.
i uninstalled wfto and reinstalled it to a diffrent harddrive in my computer, during uninstall the workshop maps remained on C: and when i reinstalled wfto to my E: drive i couldnt access this.
now ive found a work around by deleted the workshop folder in my steam folder and after that steam started installing the maps in the propper place so i could actually play them.
here is the suggestion: when uninstalling the game, workshop maps should be uninstalled as well. when you reinstall the maps would be redownloaded by steam automaticly and put in the right place.
i know my way around a computer but this doesnt go for all people, so in order to keep it user friendly for others less known of the working of a computer i think this should be included when uninstalling/installing wfto to diffrent (or the same but diffrent folder) drives

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unlikely that this happens.

this would delete all your solely local maps as well people may not be ready to publish them, however thanks for pointing that out, i will bring this up internally to find a smoother solution (even though even that is unlikely) but at least i can point people to this now, so thanks for your report.