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Campaign mission 12, Gold core rally flag

Waxweazle 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 6 years ago 7

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Win 10 64bit

Except a few minions, 90% does not respond to my rally point to attack the golden core, anyone know if it's bugged or know how to fix it?
Draven's Core was no problm and when i wanted to attack Kasita's Core only a few 4 to 5 minions would go to the rallyflag and all other army still staying at my base, when dragged close to the rallyflag minions would walk away.
Nothing is blocking the path towards the rallyflag, i hope there will be a fix or something.

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Hi again

Thanks for the Specs image and output_log.txt.
I have forgot to tell you, that the output_log refreshes every time you load something (mean when you start a Skirmish map, it will refresh the previous output:log), so that's the output_log where you played Mission 12, rigth?
So far as I see (and I have almost no knowlage about the output_log), I can only see a shader issue. And your Specs looks good for me.

Please send us some screenshots or link a video of this issue, that can clearify something.

Pleas check, if the way isn't blocked anyhow (locked doors, replacement Earth, Ramparts, active Blade Lotus, Chasm, [Then only flying Units would go for it])
If not, please decribe it in more detail.
Is it a savefile you're loading or does it also happen when you restart the mission?

New log

The log is saying Shader Unsupported, what does this mean?


I've done mission 12 for 3 days with no results, somehow Rallies was working just fine this time and i could win mission 12 easy this time.

I don't know if you need a new log text or if this post will be flagged as solved, i thought i would just mention this.

Thank you for time.

* only thing i still want to mention is the more minions you produce the more lag the game has until it's unplayable, thats all i think. thank again :)

I think you should look in the Output log, it give a lot gfx errors, gfx invalid actions and unsupported shader thing again

Minions who has a non-stop vfx playing, like Shadows and Ember Demons, but they shouldn't have a that big problem.
Glad it solved itselfe. But please contact us, when you encounter this bug again :)

And yes, the Output log is pretty huge, hopefully someone with more knowlage about it will take a look at it

Thanks for reporting issues here, I appreachiate it

Completed - Resolved