Lag with edge pan ONLY DOWNWARDS

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Windows 7 64bit

8GB memory


intel HD 530

build 8558211

So I just redid all my hotkeys to be similar to my usual MOBA/RTS settings as I think the default WASD movement is inefficient and have just encountered a very strange bug. I get a significant stutter, almost a second long, every time that I try to edge pan the camera downwards but have no stutter when panning any other direction. Once the initial stutter is finished I can continue to pan downwards with no more stutter as long as it is one continuous movement. As soon as the movement is stopped for just a split second to readjust the mouse the stutter will be experienced again to continue moving downwards.

I am able to move camera down if I remap the camera pan key but I feel this really limits my ability to fluidly control the game.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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I've added this to the backlog to investigate in a future maintenance patch if possible.

Unfortunately it sounds like a super edge case so the chances of a fix are slim, but perhaps it'll be surprisingly simple. I have no ETA on when I have more for you as I can't say when the next maintenance patch for WFTO will be approached.

It honestly doesn't make much sense though, remapping the controls shouldn't change how the game behaves and shouldn't cause any additional lag that wasn't there in the previous control mapping.