AI Bridges & Greg Valench

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If you disable wood bridges (to prevent Keepers from expanding early over water or another reason) then the AI Keepers never build stone or cast volcanic bridges over water or blood.  This effectively traps an AI limiting their expansion.

Solution: If wood bridge not available then build stone bridge.  If stone bridge not available then build volcanic bridge.

Greg Valench ghost hero is shown in the editor, but you cannot place him down anywhere.  If this ghost hero is limited to only blood squares or only water squares or something odd then that should be mentioned in his description.

Not a bug, but in the editor it would be nice to be able to place down Fog Inhibitors (constantly resetting fog in a certain circle) in any map.

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Also, if the AI doesn't have gold problems then why not always build stone bridges (which allow traps on them) over water/blood?