Multiplayer gold

Timothy Gillham 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 7

Whenever me and my friends host a multiplayer game the host can see his gold and but things and get gold just fine but the people who joined are always at zero gold and their workers wont take gold to their core

Game Version:
Steam Public

Don't know how to edit but I figured out this doesnt happen on doom loooking for maps we can play on atm

We had some users who figured it was an issue with firewall settings.
When the game starts the host is sending the start gold and defines how gold is stored.
If this RPC is blocked by a firewall the client starts without gold and can not build.
Can you check if this is the case for the client and/or can you try to swap client and host?

Could you tell me how to change the firewall settings, We have tried with 3 different laptops! (two windows one mac) :S

Me and my friends experience the same problem.

If we start a 3 player game, 1 of us starts with no gold and is not able to get gold by collecting.

which player it affects always changes.

the firewall and router settings have been looked at.... it does that error even on lan.

We only know that it is an issue where an RPC is not passing through the peer to peer connection.
So far everyone who fixed it said it was a firewall:

Thus try to add a new firewall rule allowing everything incomming and outgoing from/to WFTOGame.exe
Then it should work if there is nothing else blocking or filtering your peer to peer connection.

if you don't know how to make sure this is not the case, switching client and host or restarting the game might fix it.