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Steam Startup Crash

EggFrench 3 years ago in Crash updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 2 years ago 4

I recently purchased the ultimate edition on Steam and every time I try to start the game it crashes before I even reach a menu. I have tried disabling anti-virus and un/reinstalling the game and as far I can tell my computer is up to specs. How do I ensure the game will launch? (am using a surface pro 7 if that helps) I really don't want to return it as I am dead excited to play. 

Game Version:
10th-Gen Mobile Intel CPU - Splash Screen Crash
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Hi EggFrench,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue with the game and I appreciate you taking the time to submit a report here. Unfortunately this is an issue that has been reported by several other users in recent months and is related to Intel's 10th Generation Mobile CPUs. We've seen quite a few reports from other users on the new Microsoft Surface's which are amongst the first to be affected by this issue.

You can read the knowledgebase article on it to get the full picture. Game does not start. Crash after splash screen on start up. [Windows 10 - 10th Gen Intel Iris Laptop, Microsoft Surface 7]

Long story short is at the moment there's no workaround and no known solutions. We've exhausted our troubleshooting options and are now in a holding pattern until we get time to come back around and see if there's a solution we can find but we know this currently isn't actually related to our code.

As such I can only recommend that you refund the game for now and I will be back in touch if we manage to find a solution for you. I will be merging all the reports of this issue together in the next week or so so that they're all tracked together.

Before you do refund however could I ask you to provide some more details as outlined in that Knowledgebase Article. We'd like to get as much information as we can for our more in depth investigations and to hopefully replicate the issue ourselves.

Thank you and apologies that there's nothing I can do to help at this time.


Hey EggFrench,

I hope you have been keeping well. I wanted to drop in a message as another user has recently reported a similar issue with the same hardware profile. Interestingly this user was able to reach the game on the affected system while it was in Airplane mode. I've yet to confirm this works for other affected users so I thought you might like to give it a go. It's truly a peculiar one as we wouldn't have anticipated a networking issue.

Here's a few steps you can try:

  1. Try launching the game while Steam is in offline mode, on the off-chance it's a steam authentication issue.
  2. If your laptop has an airplane mode try enabling this and launching the game
  3. Try disabling the the network adapter via Windows. First in the networking adapter menu and if that doesn't work then via the device manager. Instructions.

Let us know if any of these work!



Completed - Next Patch

Hey Eggfrench,

I'm pleased to report that the upcoming Patch 2.0.8 should resolve this issue entirely. It's not yet on the default Steam branch but is available as a beta. How to: Access the Debug Branch on Steam.