Game won't start

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I just downloaded this game last night and wasn't expecting so much trouble trying to get to play it. I have uninstalled antispyware. Updated programs. Changed firewall settings. And it still won't play. Not sure what more to do. If this issue can't be resolved I would like a refund because I can't play this game. Thank you.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Chris G.

Have you tried all the steps outlined in Crash!

If so please detail in exactly what way the game doesn't start. When you click from Steam do you see the splash screen at all? Does the screen go black? Is there anything you can describe.

Then I'll need you to drop a few logs in for me. If there's been a crash a crash log folder would have been generated if not I'll need you to upload a copy of the output log and launcher log. How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

In all cases please upload an output from DXDiag as well so I can review the hardware and software configuration of your PC.

Hope I can help,