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Multiplayer chat box clickable, in odd place in screen, needs hide/move options

talkhayley 3 years sedan uppdaterad av Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 1 year sedan 3

So, the multiplayer chat box. It drives me mad. Every time there is lag in the game, it appears to tell you the game has slowed down. It's right in the center of the screen in the most annoying place.

When trying to just play the game, pick up units or build rooms, and I click in the area the chat box would appear, I click on it and it starts typing instead of just letting me interact with the actual game. Should only need to press enter to start a chat.

I can't seem to find a way to move it, or to close it permanently.

Thanks for making a great game, but I do hop you can help with this! :)

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Steam Public

Hi Talkhayley,

Thanks for reporting this, you're not the only one having issues with the Multiplayer chat box. I think something went wrong with this particular UI element in the 2.0 upgrade when we updated our UI middleware. I'll see if we can look into it further as part of the next maintenance patch. 

However, I should inform you that this will be considered a low priority issue given its limited impact and depending on the work required to improve the functionality here it may or may not be feasible. UI issues in particular are a particular sore spot for us to work on given the reliance on third-party middleware.



Completed - Next Patch

Should be fixed next patch.