Prisoners don't register they are imprisoned

drivetheory 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 5

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Prisoners don't register they are imprisoned. some logic check wasn't ticked when they were moved there by an imp and instead of pacing around they mash against the wall closest to the nearest path finding exit

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Hi drivetheory,

Thanks for dropping this in with us. Can you confirm a few things for me? 

  • What level are you playing on?
  • Did this occur after a save?
  • Do you have an output log for this.
  • Is this occuring in more than one level. Do you see other examples of this behaviour?




korvek's curse_20190902125412

korvek's curse_20190902125412.meta

So far the problem exists on this map when loading a saved game. if needed remove prisoners from prison, drop into combat, wait for them to be knocked unconscious and taken back to prison.

will test another level here shotly


underground valley_20190903134522

underground valley_20190903134522.meta

different core shard map, same situation. prison worked fine from game start, however after loading a save game existing prisoners behave fine UNTIL they are re-added to the prison manually OR new prisoners are added to the prison, at either point they start path finding towards the closest "exit". Note that on this save game, because the map is very full, performance is slower and sluggish and the prisoners did not immediately start the exit path finding immediately on game load but a little bit later once the game/level/file was fully loaded and i began playing again.


magma chamber_20190903201501

magma chamber_20190903201501.meta

death match map, same problem, load a saved game, pick up and drop back down the prisoners and/or wait for an imp to drop more off at the prison.


Hi Drivetheory,

Thanks for those reports, great that you included logs and saves as well that will make life for us easier when we come to address this. I'll be adding it into our backlog for further action in our next pass through WFTO tickets.