[Mighty Script] - Patrols and some other unit-related scripts don't work properly or at all with bigger spawning parties

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I was playing a map that was made as tower defence level.


What I've noticed that since 2.0.7 version, some of the parties in this map weren't following their patrol routes - to do this I had to make for each party a separate patrol script. I thought it was this causing the error (which wasn't present before at all), but than some parties weren't even appear later that were supposed to appear after certain units were KOed. So that was another bug.

I made my own map to recreate it all somehow, put some scripts with parties, spawning parties, On KO scripts and than noticed that as more units I'm applying to a party as more of them were ignoring patrol route to my dungeon core, so some of them were following the path, some stayed at their spawning point, finally one party didn't spawn after knocking out all required units. Here's the map (I can't also get to work a script that adds a Skarg and a Gnarling to a pool of creatures spawning from gateway when 2 of Oculus are being spawn, but this may be unrelated):

gold reveal_20190526203751.meta
gold reveal_20190526203751

When I had less units in parties it worked better, still I can't get some of the parties being spawned after KOing all required units. Here's the log:



Win 10 Pro 64bit, Radeon 7800 HD, 8GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450, low graphic settings

WftO v.2.0.7, all DLCs

Game Version:
Steam Public
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This will be reviewed for our next War for the Overworld bug pass when that happens