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Vampire's Restless Spirits are considered Banshees - Build V2.0.6f2

DiogenesCynicalDogo 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 8

Windows 7 64 bits
Ram: 8GB
CPU: Intel i3-4170 3.70GHz 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors

The narrator announces that your dungeon (your defenses) are being attacked by banshees, but they are in fact being attacked by the Restless Spirits that the Vampire summons. Crucible/Lamash Restless Spirits (big heads) do not trigger this reaction so far.

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I had a quick look but can not really explain this.
Are you 100% sure there were no actual Banshees involved that attacked you somewhere?
(The "bombarded by Banshee" lines can only play if any of the attackers contains "Banshee" in their name, but the Vampires ability spawns a unit with name "Spirit_Vampire" which would not match)

It is literally a pet dungeon game with god mode, which i have been using over and over to test stuff. There are no nether shrines nor enemy underlords that could summon banshees at all, and i havent been using banshees myself so i dont know if even my own banshes hitting my walls or defenses even trigger it.

When a Save is ready i will post it here. Its just me testing defense layouts.

Just to be safe i will test low and high lvl vampires to see if the vampire itself also triggers the line, but you can see the spirit shooting at my blade lotuses and the notification at the right of the screen saying "Your dungeon is being bombarded by banshees" with a "Blade Lotus Icon and Red Swords".

It might also have to do something with God Mode Spawned minions, which not only are stronger for some reason, they might have some "extra" quirks on them that make them behave different.

Sorry, while testing this bug i found 6 more that i will have to list individually later.

I found the problem and it seems that Vampires at lvl 5 get another variant of Restless Spirits skill, which is Restless Spirit Army and THOSE are the ones triggering the "You are being attacked by Banshees".

Save here. Feel free to try. Its also the same save i am going to use on the next 6-7 bug reports cause that is where i tested them/found them.

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Cheers for the report DiogenesCynicalDogo, I can confirm this is an issue, we just need to decide what we are going to do

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