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UI / icons / sounds issue

faeryll 1 week ago • updated by Cian Noonan (Development Support Engineer) 3 hours ago 2

After a seemingly random time playing the game freezes just a little and after that the UI doesnt respond to clicks (still works with keybinds though), new icons like warband number or event alert are blank and if i find a new creature it wont have a portrait, almost all sounds dont play anymore, it gets very quiet like nothing is happening while i'm in fact watching a busy room or something.

I had to Alt+F4 out of many games until i discovered that Quicksaving sometimes fix the UI, its clickable again and plays almost normally, but still missing icons and still no sounds.

System :

Windows 7 64


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

Intel i5-4670K

Output Log :


Game Version:
Steam Public

Hello faeryll,

might it be that yuou get this  issues only on a specific map/level or a few speicifc ones?

Your logs contain some weird exceptions, which I have not seen before and it could be caused by a corrupted save game or workshop map.

I did put now some safe guards into place which prevent the exception from happining in a loop and slowing down the entire game.

But this is still just hiding an issue with a map but the best I found I can do about.

If the issue comes from a certain map or a set of maps it might be worth sharing them, so we can see what is wrong and why parts of some blocks on these maps are missing.