Monolith Gold Drain - incorrect display AND effect range - BUILD v2.0.6f2

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Windows 7 64 bits

Ram: 8GB

CPU: Intel i3-4170 3.70GHz 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors


On a Pet Dungeon, i noticed that the Monolith wasnt draining and transporting the golden statues of heroes despite being withing the white circle range displayed on the game. I assumed it was because it was behind Defenses that were shielded with Ramparts that made the game think it is behind a wall, and most Activated Effects like the Gold Drain (monolith) and Freeze (Bone Chiller) do not work behind walls but its primary passive effect aura does.

So i played the map "Hollow (sandbox)" and by using God Mode i made several tests, which you can see in order by the screenshot number. Also note that there is gold in the floor of some test chambers and for some reason they are not rendering after loading but its there as seen on the tooltip image.

First i tested if the Ramparts were the reason, but the Monolith behind the unprotected Bombards didnt drained the golden statue, just like the protected ones didnt work. The one behind a wall and a distance of 3 tiles didnt work, as expected, and the one that did work is the one that was next to the gargoyle with no obstacles at all in front of it. The golden statue was within the 4 tiles radius (the white circle) of each Monolith and they passive effect of converting enemies to gold worked fine, but the Gold Drain didnt except for the one without anything in front.

Then i was suggested to test the Gold Drain on walls and vaults, as it might be a problem related to just golden statues only.  On Screenshot 8 onward i tested this, and turns out it does drain walls and Vault tiles when the 4 tile white circle manages to reach the center of a tile, but it only drained the first 2 gold piles on the floor of the top right corner of the test chamber and not the other 2 after that despite being in range.

So a third test was made on a 11x11 chamber, put 1 pile of gold per tile on a straight line and when i activated it became clear. The Gold Drain radius is only 2 tiles long for objects like gold piles and statues, and the 4 tile radius (white circle) is just the passive effect range of converting enemies to gold. This is weird since i already tested that the Gold Drain works its full range when dealing with gold in walls and Vaults behind walls.

At first i though the golden aura effect that the game renders is supposed to be the range of the gold drain, and the white circle is for the passive effect of converting enemies to gold, but the golden aura is 3 tiles long and not 2 as the actual gold drain (for objects anyway) is, and is not 4 tiles long to represent the range of the passive effect or even the Gold Drain when it applies to non objects.

A 4th test was made and the Gold Drain for objects works behind walls, as long it is within the 2 tiles radius. This is curious since i was under the impression that this was fixed after players exploited this feature in The Crucicle, and that it works like the Bone Chiller whose manually activated effect doesnt work behind walls but its passive does.

hollow sandbox_20190408184553.meta
hollow sandbox_20190408184553

Monolith Test 17.jpg
Monolith Test 1.jpg
Monolith Test 2.jpg
Monolith Test 3.jpg
Monolith Test 4.jpg
Monolith Test 5.jpg
Monolith Test 6.jpg
Monolith Test 15.jpg
Monolith Test 16.jpg
Monolith Test 7.jpg
Monolith Test 8.jpg
Monolith Test 9.jpg
Monolith Test 10.jpg
Monolith Test 11.jpg
Monolith Test 12.jpg
Monolith Test 13.jpg
Monolith Test 14.jpg
Gold not rendering but its there.jpg
Monolith Test 18A - Works behind walls.jpg
Monolith Test 18B - Works behind walls.jpg

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Stefan Furcht

Hello DiogenesCynicalDogo,

The impacted statues were found with first doing a bounds query on the physics and then filtering out what is in radius,
but it was setting the bounds to (radius, radius, radius), so only half the size of what was needed to assure the full radius.

Thanks for reporting, this will be fixed in next Patch.

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