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Vampires not eating or sleeping in specific areas - Undergames - Build V2.0.6f2

DiogenesCynicalDogo 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 9

Windows 7 64 bits

Ram: 8GB

CPU: Intel i3-4170 3.70GHz 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors

Hard AI

Volcansnow Volta Undergames 1

Occasionally, hungry vampires usually do not eat the prisoners nor sleep in lairs i drop them on the Northwest area of the map, as seen on the screenshot, but it happens infrequently and even with the save i cannot replicate it 100%. The vampire on the screenshot is seen with the desire to eat but listed as "Idle" in "Current Activity".

The second screenshot shows that, when i couldnt make the Vampire eat on the far away prison after dropping him repeatedly on that prison so it can eat those instead, i moved him to the prison and lair closer to my Dungeon Core and it did eat.
Vampire Not Eating 2.png
Vampire Not Eating 1.png
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To be investigated by Stefan to see if there's anything obvious in the save file. Again this is one of those difficult to reproduce issues which may not prove to be affordable in this triage.


Seems one issue here is user feedback, I figured that the activity in tooltip is not correctly shwon and always remains "Idle" while Vampires try to eat.
In next patch it will correctly show "Drinking Blood" as intented.

Now that this is done, I just fail to reproduce the other issue.
I loaded your save and when I drop either of the two Vampires on the side of either prison they do eat for me.
Maybe it was hard to see that it happens, as I saw a Vampire first teleporting some tiles along the prison before entering it and drinking blood from a prisoner.
At least the wrong tolltip is fixed, but let me know if you have any reliable steps to reproduce the other issue and I can take a second look.

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I tested before sending it and also had problems replicating it, and when it does happen its usually when i am trying to test the other bugs in the other map and caught me off guard.

To make things worse, the bugged behavior is kinda hard to distinguish from the normal one because sometimes you drop the vampires and does it in less than a second, other times it just moves around the prison corners a bit before actually teleporting inside (kinda how Workers move around before placing a prisoner instead of just doing it ASAP), and other times it does the same as before aaaaaand just goes away not drinking all while Mendechaus complains that they need food. And of course all these have the same "Idle" job but with the Pig symbol on their heads for their desire for food, but they dont do it.

Well if it persists after the next patch let us know

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