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Crucible Achievements Not Unlocking

stopspam 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 16

Dear Brightrock Games,

I writing to ask/report a bug about GOG Galaxy Crucible Achievements not unlocking. Am I missing something or are they bugged?

Best regards,

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GOG Galaxy
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Hi Martin,

Sometimes these achievements will display as not unlocked on summary screens when they are actually unlocked. After restarting the game can you confirm whether they display as unlocked or not in GOG Galaxy or the Achievements menu? (Or you have the associated worker skin)



Hello Lee,

Unfortunately, those achievements are not unlocked both in the game, as well as in the GOG Galaxy. Multiple restarts of the game and tries to achieve them did not solve the issue. I had no previous problems with any other achievements.

Best regards,


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the clarifications, that's truly surprising. I'm going to drop this into our Triage queue for us to investigate further in the coming months. At the moment the majority of our team is working on our new projects but we are planning to continue releasing support updates for WFTO. Hopefully, we'll be able to set aside some time to investigate this issue further with the code team when we return to WFTO for our upcoming triage pass.

I'm sorry I can't do more to assist you today. To help us in our investigations I wonder if you'd be able to drop us the output_log from an affected session and confirm your system specifications. As detailed in: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket.

Please note that the output log is overwritten on each startup so if you've started the game since you last played Crucible and subsequently were not awarded the achievement correctly then the log is unlikely to contain anything related to the issue.



Hello Lee,

I attached requested files.



Best wishes for You and whole Brightrock Games team,

Thanks Martin, that should go a long way to helping us identify the issue when we do our pass.

Cannot Replicate

Hey stopspam,

Unfortunatly I cannot replicate this issue.

Please let me know if it occurs again and if you have more specific replication about how this happens

Hello Cian,
I've just reinstalled the game, so it is up to date, all dlcs installed. I started Crucible with default settings.

Played for a while.

No achievement. I had no problem with any other achievements other than Crucible ones.

Under Review

That log is a huge help, I can see that the achievement is being blocked due to the game detecting "god mode or special mutator". This is clearly broken as you cannot use either god mode or mutators in Crucible. We'll see if we can track down the cause.

Thanks for going through the effort to replicate the issue so clearly

Completed - Next Patch

We found an oversight that was blocking the achievement, this will be fixed in the next release

Glad I could help.

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