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Map names Visually Artifact after Switching

Terrarkul 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 6

I have noticed, in the Map Editor's finished maps tab, that selecting certain maps will cause visual artifacting of the map's name in the preview window on the right. I have pictures to showcase this artifacting.

Image 80

Everything's normal, but when I select the map just above it...

Image 81

Bam, strange letter artifacts left behind in the name section.

Image 82

And it's gone; for some reason, Mutual Assured Greed and My True Home Realm don't cause this artifacting with each other, but either will be artifacted upon switching from Theme Dressing Realm.

Image 83

Now, to test if the inverse is true as well...

Image 84

Yes, Theme Dressing Realm will artifact if selected after either of the above two.

This does not seem to happen in the Import Map section, it is solely restricted to the Finished Maps tab.

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I just realized, while the display name under the map is always two lines with these maps, the larger display name above the preview is one line for the other two, but two lines for Theme Dressing Realm. Perhaps this is what's causing it?

Hello Terrarkul,
do you by any chance play in 4K resolution or even above?
This is not yet supported and known to cause artefacts or missing parts of the UI.
If you use any resolution below 4K it must have a different reason.


I play in 1600x900, sorry.

OK then we will have to reproduce this.
Thanks for the hint with the too long text (2 rows).

Completed - Resolved