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Impenetrable rock appearing in level after reload

midapiet il y a 10 mois mis à jour il y a 4 semaines 12

I have a custom a pet dungeon I play with. After a reload sometimes blocks of Impenetrable rock will appear at random locations in the level. I can remove it with god mode, but It is still annoying.

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Hi Midapiet,

Can you identify the level in question for us and upload an affected save file?

How to: Locate your save files



I can't say whether it's the exact same issue, but occasionally when loading any level in the map editor (not just MPD), it will sometimes drop one or two Impenetrable Rock blocks at seemingly random positions on the map.

My save\map is technically a scenario rather than a pet dungeon level I made as I wanted to make a pet dungeon version of one of my custom maps:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1576454457

I use god mode to spawn in anything I want.

(by the way, is there an easy way to copy custom maps to make an alternate version?)

To make an alternate version you can use the "import" function.


Thanks for the files and further information.

I've assigned this ticket to our triage queue when we come to our our triage pass sometime in Q1 2019.

I got an update. It might be a coincidence, but it seems the glitch happens when I have a high creature population in my dungeon.

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I cannot open your map. If it is happening in a map that was updated from the old pre 2.0 formats then theres nothing we can do

Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I found a possible lead on the impenetrable rock bug.

While I would need to do further testing to rule it out completly, it seems I am not affected by the bug if I don't install the undergames expansion.

It would make sense, since I remember I first noticed the bug around the time I bought that expansion.