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Achievement progress in crucible does not show

thee 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 11

I unlocked all 3 crucible achievement at once, and they did not show up. Quitting and restarting the game made them show up in the achievements, but the progress bar (on single player screen) is only 1/3 full. Or are there any other achievements in crucible?

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Same problem here. I've got 100% of the achievements in the game and it still only shows 1/3 complete for the Crucible.

It might be counting "New Year Goodness" under Crucible achievements, but showing a third complete still doesn't make sense. Shows the same for me, and thats the only achievement missing.

No, I have the New Year Goodness achievement and it's still only showing the Crucible as 1/3 complete.


Hi Thee & Kasrkin,

Thanks for this report that certainly doesn't look intended and should hopefully be an easy fix. I've assigned it to our backlog pending our next triage pass in the new year.



Thanks a lot!

Oh, yes, I just found another one closely related: I finally managed to complete all 39 achievements from the main campaign, but it shows only like 95% of the circle being full.

Or do the hidden achievements of the main campaign and the Dragon worker (those I do not have yet) count towards that?

Mine is showing as 100% for the main campaign - you're probably just missing a few. Most likely would be Shaboozey (hidden achievement for losing level 1) and Stay a While and Listen (lots of waiting around in your Home Realm).

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