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I received this error code right after building a foundry

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi ndangelo,

Sorry to hear you've encountered an error. The code provided is a date stamp for when the error occurred. This means that an error log folder was generated at the time of a crash.

Please would you be able to upload the contents of the folder with the matching name (or zip up the folder) so we can review the log. :) You'll find this folder in the War for the Overworld folder. You can reach that by right clicking War for the Overworld in the Steam Library, clicking properties and from the options in the properties window choose "Browse local files".

Can you also confirm for me the following:

  1. Your System Specs
  2. What level this occured on
  3. If there was any other unusual behaviour occurring at the time



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Hey ndangelo,

As we have not received the logs from you we cannot look into this further, once you send us the logs we can sort this for you