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Foundry bug

vadim_ivanov_91 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 11

I have found a bug with the foundry room. After loading a save game file the parts that chunders creates in foundry do not regenerating next to the forge even in version 2.0.6.f1. Could you fix that bug please?

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GOG Galaxy
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Hi Vadim,

Thanks for the report. Just to confirm that I understand this correctly. After loading a save file no further defence parts will be generated next to an Anvil even if a Chunder is working on it?

If you can confirm that this is the behaviour you're experiencing we'll give it a test to see if we can replicate.



Exactly that. After loading  the further defence parts do not generate next  an Anvil but the chunder or Ogre are working on it but they keeping generating on the flooring of the foundry but not next to an Anvil.

And there's certainly free space on the storage rack? Out of curiosity was your Foundry upgraded in this game?

Yes there is free space on the storage rack and the workers place the parts on that which generate on the flooring. Yes the Foundry was upgrated is this game file.

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Thanks for the clarification. I'll mark it for our QA Analyst to take a look at some point in the future. It may be a little time until we can do a replication test ourselves but we'll let you know the outcome when we do.

Thank you very much. You are the best.

What abaout that bug? Did you found something?


Hi Vadim,

Due to the relatively minor impact of the issue this ticket is in our queue for review when we next do a triage pass on WFTO. This is currently scheduled for early next year. 

I'm sorry we can't address it immediately but as our team is currently entirely tied up with work on our next project we have to assign time to review these smaller issues. Rest assured though we've not forgotten about it! :)

I've added a new status to hopefully make this clear to customers who are waiting on ticket updates.



What do you want to say me? Is that mean that my question is denied?

Out of Maintenance Scope

Hi Vadim,

We have just completed our triage checks of all reported issues. Sadly this one has not passed into our queue as the issue is deeply rooted and costly to fix versus its relative impact on the game.

Sorry that we won't be addressing this issue further. Please don't let this discourage you for reporting issues in the future, many of the tickets in our triage queue have successfully passed triage and have been assigned a priority in our work queue.

Kind Regards,