Constant Possession Spinning

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-Windows 7


-16 Gb ram

-Nvidia 1070

-Intel i7-4790 (3.60 GHz)

v 2.0.6f1

Map: all

DLC: HoG, Pet dungeon, free dlcs and the underlord edition content

Hello! I have been having an issue with the possession spell since I originally got the game. Whenever I go into possession mode the camera is constantly spinning up and to the left. Things i noticed: inverting the possession cam causes it to spin in the opposite direction into the ground, lowering the sensitivity for possession made it spin slower and made it be more controllable, changing mice didn't fix anything.

My current mouse is a Logitech g502 (original not the re-released rgb one)

Game Version:
Steam Public

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Can you please ensure that you do not have any controllers or other devices connected to the machine?

If you hold ALT as the game opens you should be able to unbind the controller axis to solve this


I thought I didn't but it turns out having the Wii-U adapter for gamecube controllers plugged in was causing the problem despite not having any controllers plugged in.

Thanks for the help. :)

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No worries, glad to help