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Severe Stuttering on game Launch

Zachary Jenkins 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 14


I bought War for the Overworld today and tried running it on my 2018 maxed out MBP and the graphics are stuttering and I can’t move my mouse when in the game. I was able to get into it one time, and it was doing that so I changed the resolution and that only made it worse. Is there a way to reset the graphic settings from this game without uninstalling and reinstalling?



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not resolved, I bought the game years ago and got a refund because it ran poorly, I buy it again and it runs worse, it’s unplayable.  What am I supposed to do? Y’all stopped replying.

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If that doesn't work hold ALT(Option) once you press play on steam, you should get the resolution window popup

this did not work. This is what I'm dealing with.  Let me know if you can see this.

I didnt stop replying I'm still here. I'm just finalising the hotfix please try again with the new version 2.0.6f1

Its worse now, as soon as it opens the interface flashes.

Can you please send us your log so we can investigate further

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We don't really support computers that don't have a dedicated GPU. In your case, you have Intel Iris Graphics, this is a part of your CPU and can cause instability like you can see here.

Does this still occur if you disable V-Sync? What happens if you go to the absolute minimum video settings, disable everything, turn all sliders down, min resolution?

If that does not help then a refund would be the best cause of action, the lack of a dedicated GPU means that you simply do not meet the minimum required spec of the game.

If your machine contains a dedicated GPU(one likely manufactured by NVIDIA or AMD) then let me know and we can see why that is not in use when playing the game

it meets the vram requirements it just doesn’t have a dedicated video card.  1.5 gb vram.  The game worked just fine on version 1.5 that I had.   I got that from a friend and decided I wanted to have the latest so I personally bought it and then 2.0 gave me these issues.

this is my 2nd time owning this game, first time was in a dell xps 13 a couple years ago and that has integrated graphics and that’s older than my new Mac and it worked just fine.

You do not have 1.5GB of VRAM. That iGPU will have 64MB of cache and use the system RAM. This is significantly slower than having dedicated VRAM. This issue is so severe and unreplicable that there's nothing we can do. 

Do any other Unity games work?

Frames of the game are being rendered out of order there nothing we can do about that, that is entirely a hardware issue.

Did you try to lower your settings? Did that offer any improvement? Did the removal of V-Sync help?

I strongly recommend refunding the game before it is too late, there is something fundamentally wrong with your hardware.

I have other games that work without issue, on Mac settings.  But if refunding the game makes it easier for you as opposed to fixing the issue then sure I’ll do that.

Again, I’ve run version 1.5 of the same game and had no issues on the same computer.  

Graphic settings were NOT adjusted on 1.5, and it worked without issue.  I get version 2.0 through steam and I get the graphics issues.

But again I’ll just bad rate the game and the support because what clearly isn’t a hardware issue seems like a lazy way for y’all to blame something you don’t wanna try and fix.


We have multiple pieces of middleware that require a dedicated GPU, during the 2.0 update we updated form CoherentUI to CoherentGT. CoherentGT cannot run on an iGPU and on a low level is likely the cause of this issue.

Theres nothing we can do, I'm sorry that you're disappointed but it's not something we can fix. It is a fundamental issue with the middleware and our support contract with them has ceased.

It is a hardware issue in that you do not have a dedicated GPU. It is unfortunately stated as required in our explained system requirements guide for reasons like this.

Not Fixable

The below has been posted in response to your review, I am once again sorry

The issue experienced in this case was a severe amount of stutter in the main menu of the game, it is suspected to also occur in-game. Unfortunately, the MacBook in question does not contain a discrete GPU and instead only has an Integrated GPU. Our System Requirements[brightrockgames.userecho.com] do state that some iGPUs can have issues running War for the Overworld.

We have multiple pieces of middleware that recommend a dedicated GPU, most notably CoherentGT, the framework that renders out UI. I would recommend that any player wanting to play the game on an iGPU verifies that it works on their system within the refund window and is prepared to refund the game if we cannot solve the issue.

There's nothing further we can do, I'm sorry that you're disappointed but it's not something we can fix. It is a fundamental issue with the middleware and our support contract with them has ceased.

With regards to us stating that this is a hardware issue: it is a hardware issue in that you do not have a dedicated GPU. I am sorry that this was not clearer.

TL;DR: Owners of Mac Books with only an iGPU should be incredibly wary of playing WFTO on that system. There is no guarantee that the game will work and limited technical support available.