Creatures are having problem with cancelling their tasks if the subject of interest gone - which makes them annoyed.

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I was trying to find out why the most annoyed creature is always a Beastmaster, Necromancer and Witcher, even if I own relatively small dungeon, every need can be fulfilled easily, abundance is everywhere. I just took a fight with opponent with my beasts and than noticed a Beastmaster comming to a place where the battle was taking place, but not anymore, none of my beasts were there for a 20 seconds (no beast rally flag anymore too), so he just went into the enemy territory and died because an opponent still had it's minions there.

I also noticed a strange behaviour where Gnarlings after being knocked out by traps, than being taken to lair and than having life points refreshed to a minimal amount - instantly went to that trap again that was KOed them before (no rally flag). Maybe there's something related between case with Gnarlings - in both cases an action to stop chasing for something like supporting Beast / destroying a trap (also Necromancer that want to rise a Revenant) do not cancel out.

It looks a bit like in case of Workers that can take artifacts or corpse of fallen enemy from any unclaimed, but revealed territory - if there is something that worker or creature can do with on revealed (it doesn't need to be owned) territory it will go and take an action with that, even if a subject of interest is not there anymore.

A Witcher seems also want to buff any creature close by no matter how far will that creature go, so it easily become annoyed because it's trying to pursue the target. I guess it's related to all healing/supporitng creatures, but haven't checked that issue with all of them.

Is there anyone else who had similiar experience with that?

What if there could be a range of things thart a creature could do - like Beastmaster that could help beasts only if there are in his "range"? Even now workers are trying to deliver a part to a trap that has been built already, by me throwing there some parts from the Forge.

Spec: Win 10, Radeon 7800HD, minimal graphic setting set.

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I think i have a similar issue - FOW not revealed - so its black not the grey stuff you can still see through i mean BLACK as in unexplored area of the map, right.

Ok so lets say i dig 5 spaces into this blackness, i say dig but i mean get an imp to head into it for a few spaces.

Next thing i know, my worker is running off on his own and gets an artifact which you don't even know is there but somehow he did (or she).  I mean don't get me wrong, its nice that they're that dedicated to working for you.

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Hi Sebt,

Thanks for the report and apologies for the delay in our response. I'll be passing this into our review queue for our QA Analyst to review in the coming weeks to work out exactly what is happening here and what our way forward is.



Have you figured out maybe what's the cause of this? :)


Hi Sebt,

As with the other tikets, unfortuantely this is currently sat in our Triage queue while our programmers and QA analyst work towards milestones on our other projects. Rest assured it will be addressed one way or the other though.



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Hey Sebt,

Can we have save games showcasing these issues, we are unable to replicate any of the above.

The Witch Doctor healing rather than working is a design issue, not a bug. They always priorities healing your units.

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Declined due to a lack of response, will reopen the ticket if we receive the requested files

It's still happening in 2.0.7. If you pick up creatures, cast a recall spell or turn them into the gold, than if there was a creature that was aimed by a buffer - for example a Skarg by a Beast Master (BM), than this BM will be still following that Skarg to put a buff on it, until it get to the point, were that Skarg was located, so before it was picked up by our hand or turned into the gold. Dropping that Skarg somewhere or finishing recall on it will cancel buffer's (BM) willing to buff - so cancel current BM's task to put a buff on a Skarg.

Maybe game still thinks target creature is still in that place? I noticed that when you pick up a creature (or even an artefact) with a hand it is still visible on the mini-map, at the same place it was picked up from.

I think this may be the main reason why creatures that can cast buffs or healing spell on ally creatures are the one that gets annoyed most often. They sometimes need to make a long trip to their target - so what if the range of buffers seeking for an ally target to put a buff on it could be limited, for example to 20 tiles within buffer's radius?

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Trying to understand the exact nature of the problem here. We've been discussing it but can't entirely pick apart the problem and the replication steps.

Can you provide a clear description of the problem itself, providing a step by step walkthrough of how the problem presents itself.

It'd be great if you could also include an example of how to get this behaviour to show itself and what it looks like when it does.

It worked in the same way on any map:
1. Pick up all your beasts with the hand of evil, than drop somewhere far away from any Beastmaster current location.
2. After that, pick up all your beasts again with the hand of evil (or simply turn all of them to gold where you dropped them).
3. Having all beasts in your hand of evil, search for any Beastmaster that is heading the place where you picked up your beasts again. It won't stop until it reach it's target - and when it does - unable to fulfil the task it will just do the next task.
You might notice that, unless you drop one of the beast your Beastmaster targeted (in order to cast a spell on that beast) it won't stop heading to the point, where it's targeted beast had been picked up by you last time. Now imagine a Beast Master, that want to put a spell on a beast, actually residing on the other side of map - yes, it will seek out that beast no matter what.

Originally, I was trying to figure out why Beastmaster or Witch Doctor were the ones who are so often mad about unsatisfied needs. I figured out, that they are creatures who have supporting spells, they can cast on ally creature that is currently not being even occupied with battle, but doing common things. So i.e. a Beastmaster may even go to the other side of the map to put it's spell on targeted beast, so it's running around the map may take enough time to get it mad about unsatisfied needs.
My solution for a support type creature like Beastmaster would be - to limit the range of an area, in which supporting-type units would search for a creature to put a spell on, so it won't need to go any further than area of that set range.


Thanks I've managed to replicate based off your instructions. I'm not sure if there's much that we will be able to do about it but we'll put it in our triage queue for our next pass.