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Core Door says "Door: Open (Left click to close)" - The Undergames

The Real Korvek 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 9

Core Information:

OS: Windows

OS Version: 10 Home

Bit: 64-Bit

Ram: 16GB

CPU: Intel i7-7700 (3.60GHz)

GPU: MSI GTX 1080 Ti Duke (11GB Video Ram), Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 (8GB Video Ram)

War For The Overworld Version: v2.0.3f1

Information: On 8/2/2018 I was playing the semi-finals on The Undergames (which I bought three [3] days ago) with being Shale and challenging the Korvek, while I was building up my dungeon with defenses and training my units I have found that the Core Door said it can be closed but when I clicked on it, said Open still I was confused so I asked Discord and the QA told me to report the bug because its a tool-tip bug and not a open/close kind of bug.



ScreenShots have been captured with Lightshot.

Output Log:


Launcher Log:

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

None, since its a bug in the game and I cannot do anything to trouble shoot it

Game Version:
Steam Public
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To clarify, the door has an incorrect/unnecessary tooltip (about toggling between open and locked states) even though the Core door has no toggleable states.

The tooltip just needs removing/correcting.

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Should be an easy one. I'll pass this through to Cian to review and work out a plan of attack.



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