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AI uses Uprising despite having no Crypts, or Corpses in Crypts

DarkMatt 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 7

This bug is part of a series of bugs observed during watching 2 AIs fight eachother with fog of war off. This was accomplished by taking a 2 player map and adding a third core walled off with impenetrable rock, and starting a game with me in the third core and 2 AIs playing the default core locations.

The AI has a tendency to use Uprising despite having neither corpses nor even crypts. The AIs used in the map were Oberon and Korvek, and I recall both AIs doing this. Though not a significant issue, it is a waste of a ritual and this bug could be fixed to better optimize the AI's sanctuary usage. This is based off my observation, but should still occur if any AI builds Sanctuary and has no Crypt. I apologize that I cannot give concrete evidence of this occuring, but it is something to look into. If you want me to provide a save file of this occuring on the provided map, I can do that.

This was done on Seastead II, modded to have an extra core, and fog of war was turned off.

Specs follow:

Windows 7 64-bit

8 GB RAM, Intel Core i3 6100, NVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Output log and map used is in the zip file provided below.


Game Version:
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Hi DarkMatt,

Thanks for the report, certainly worth taking a quick look at.

I'll pass it to our QA Analyst for review when he has a spare moment.



I've seen this too - only one of the AI's has a crypt, but after the invokation of uprising, I see no ghouls there. Also none of the AI's have fought anything other than stone-nights.


I believe it's probably the Lamash AI, but it might be Korvek.

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