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[Map Editor] Faction Settings reset after publishing locally

Thalset 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 12

The faction settings reset to random for both the Player and the AI Players after publishing the map locally. Even the Empire Player gets a random Underlord name and a random theme despite setting a custom name and the empire theme. Locked player slots are open again or set to 'Locked AI'. If I test the map from the editor the correct settings are used.

Used settings for the map:

Type: Scenario

Mutators: Only change was setting fog of war to start black

Underlord 1: Open - Theme set to standard

Underlord 2: Locked AI - Theme set to standard - Personality set to Korvek

Underlord 3: Disabled

Underlord 4: Disabled

Empire: Locked AI - Theme set to Empire (No Dungeon Core and no Inhibitors)
Checkbox to lock theme selection: Checked

If I test the map within the editor the settings work. If I publish the map locally to test it without god mode the faction settings are all set to random. In one of my tests i got the Lamash Theme, Underlord 2 was Oberon with the Arcane Theme and the Empire Player was named Draven and used Draven's Theme.

After opening the published map with the editor all the faction settings were set to random and 'Locked AI'. Only Underlord 1 was set to 'Open'.

I did not test publishing to the Steam Workshop.

Game Version:
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Hi Thalset,

Thanks for the report and sorry for this issue, that sounds like it would be incredibly frustrating.

I'll pass this through to our QA Analyst, this is probably an oversight in some of our code around these new settings.



Hi Noontide,

I did some testing and found a workaround for the faction settings bug. If i publish the map twice before playing, all the settings for all factions are correctly transfered to the published map.

The same workaround works, if I use the export and test function within the editor (all factions use random settings and ignore the settings in the Mighty Editor for the test run), exit back to the editor and publish then.

It seems the bug only occurs if there is no finished/published map.
I only tested this with local publishing and not with publishing to the steam workshop.



PS: Sorry for possible mistakes in my grammar, english isn't my main tongue.

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This says resolved, but I tried opening a map I uploaded to the steam workshop, and all faction settings were reset in that.  In addition, it removed the description and other map info text.  I don't know what else it might have messed up because I closed it again and went back to editing the pre-publish version of the map.

Opening maps published to steam in the workshop is most definitely still broken!

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When you say you opened the map do you mean you opened it in the map editor? If so that is a separate issue to this that we can investigate during the next War for the Overworld bugs pass

Yes, "import" "workshop maps" in the editor.

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That is a slightly different issue that we will investigate during the next War for the Overworld bugs pass

So the faction reset is kind of a bummer, having no control over the skins and all sucks.

Especially the fact that empire always turns into Draven

Yep, we will have a look when we are next working on WFTO bug fixing