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worker in the arena on loading of the saved game

Eclipse 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 14

this still is not fixed? worker are running about on save, but on loading that save, all workers (both kinds) are all put in the arena or jail. you line up a set of jobs for the workers to do, and by the time you find that the workers are trapped and NOT working, it's to late and you dead. as seen in the pic, all workers get put in the arena, and i can't put them in there myself. this bug got me killed like 25-40 times. pls fix this soon, this bug needs to be stopped. it can also get you thinking "GET THE WORK DONE YOU @&%$ING USELESS WORKERS!" as you sit there for hours non end, not knowing that the worker are all trapped. NO JOKE, i had been this close to 10 times.

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again? and this is in gameplay, not on load. pls fix this and put an end to it. in the game pic was taken off i need the worker, and trap parts are lost to this, and lat what in on the right. he was going to the jail, but this bug got it killed.

and now this? 3 times and all 3 got mad. also got workers got round 50 more times. this is more bugy then it was befour.

fix this and fast pls, around 75% of play is me removing workers and mad guys from the arena now. this is going to give the game a bad name for sure.

hoe did this happen?

and the room is not mine, the empier has that room, so i can't do this

and if your going to ask, no this is NOT fake, this bug is in the game and did all this

going to get a level 10 good guy on my side and look what the bug did. i needed him.

now this getting into the walls?

nothing is getting done round here

Completed - Next Patch

This has been fixed internally already, expect the patch later today

Completed - Resolved

bad news, the getting into walls thing is still there.

my workers can getting into the walls of that hall.

workers and things carry end up in the walls here.

here are just 2 more workers the wall. this is costing my all kinds of things and my land.

i removed over 50 workers from the walls of this whole hallway.

Marked for Review

It seems somehow that workers are still finding their ways into walls as of the latest version. This issue may be limited to Spirit Workers only.

Passing to Cian for further investigations.

that is very bad for the map in the pics, as around 98.5% of your workers are Spirit Workers.

(workers at map start)

workers, 5

Spirit Workers, 106

about over i think, but it is a grate help. if they done there jobs over playing hide in the walls and cost you about 95% of things they carry.

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That is far too many spirit workers, we cannot support that many spirit workers in the map, sorry