gamebreaking titan bug

Sonny Bos 5 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 4 years ago 4

totday i was playing WFTO with my gf ( i hosted she joined) and she summoned a behemoth, after a while she prefered to have the archon so she dismissed her behemoth and caused her titan summoning to become permanently blocked.. in other words i could summon one titan after another while she could summon none at all

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I tried to spawn a Behemoth while being client and dismissed it by giving it three slaps. 
But I'm still able to summon an Archon afterwards:

So the steps you mention are not enough to reproduce the problem.
If you can find reliable steps to trigger the issue, we are happy to take another look.
But since all works when we try what was mentioned, we can not make progress on the issue until we have a way to reproduce.