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Mighty Script Editor: Can't reset fog of war after using "Set Revealer"

Kasrkin84 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 8

I'm currently trying to create a single-player scenario in the map editor. At the start of the level, I have the camera focus on and rotate around the Lord of the Land in his castle guarding an Inhibitor, while some lines of text are displayed. After this the camera returns to the player's Dungeon Core and the level starts properly.

I used the "Set Revealer" action to clear the FOW near the Inhibitor for the duration of this scene, but at the end of it I can't get it to reset and so the area remains fully revealed (and not just "grey") for the entire level. The way I attempted to do this was to duplicate the "Set Revealer" action exactly, only with the "Reveal" box unchecked, which the tooltips indicated would accomplish this.

FOW Reveal (works fine):

FOW Reset (doesn't work):

Game Version:
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It's still a bug it guys. Even after I make that when I set "on block" for gold to turn to dirt to disable Revealer, than it doesn't work.

Also I would like to point out that Set Revealer doesn't work for single tile (so if Block Range = 1, ATM 2 is minimum) which is kind of limiting me as map editor if I would like to show only single tile, without need to uncover the rest which may be important to have them hidden for some time.

In the mean time, you can always use the cast spell function to cast Prophecy on the target area for a temporary reveal.

Yes and unfortunately disappears too quickly, it makes a sound and reveals a part of the map in circle radius with the fixed non-adjustable diameter, which can be often too big if you don't want to show too much and care for quality experience.

I wouldn't bother writing previous post if that option was not available or worked 100%.
I guess if devs made set revealer it was meant to do something more specific than Prophecy and disabling it's effect is not possible ATM, even if there is an option to do that, accessible in this trigger interface.
If set revealer couldn't reveal only 1 block radius I'll be ok with that. Set revealer can actually make a big difference for many custom settings, which expands possibilities that Prophecy spell won't provide.

Hi Sebt,

As this is in our Internal Backlog and has never been marked as complete I should imagine this will next be reviewed with our Triage pass in 2019. At the moment our programmers are completely heads down on Project: Aftercare and WFTO will have to wait until we hit the appropriate milestones. Rest assured we've not forgotten and we will review this ticket. :) But if you've not heard something from us by say April then feel free to poke us again.



Completed - Resolved