Playing the crucible I noticed the RAM is filling up

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First of all I like War For The Overworld very much, I played it a lot. Like I loved and played Dungeon Keeper in the past.

On one map in the crucible, I mostly end up number one, Memento Moor

But I have a big issue since patch 2.0.2 with the crucible (not tested anything else)

Playing the crucible I noticed the RAM is filling up with more than 1MB per second. ( I don’t know if it did this before, but it not a normal behaviour)

This (I think) ending up crashing the game (program will not respond).

For example:

  • At wave 55, 2,694,174 point. The game did crash.
  • I ended (finished) up in wave 170, 7,184,542 point. But the game did not go to the score board. It did crash! ( but it managed to get my score to the score board after all, 1st place and not playing seriously because of a expecting crash)


I played the crucible a lot, and in the end my computer will stutter and slow down a higher waves (like 199>), but it never give up one me until now. It has to be patch 2.0.1 or 2.0.2. Playing a game in fear of a crash is a no go!

Now, how to solve this problem? Patch 2.03?

Yours sincerely



Update 30-6-18:

Today I played a Crucible game of 2,5 hours in Memento Moor. I ended (finished) up in wave 174, 7,836,578 point. But the game did not go to the score board again. It did crash! But it managed again to get my score to the score board after all, 1st place. I had broken down defences to end the game because of the expecting crash. I watched the RAM filling up, it looks like the virtual RAM is filling up to during the game

After one hour playing the RAM is filling up faster

I have 16GB of RAM (14,2GB is left for the game)  and its full after 2 hours of playing, then the real problems start to occur.

Update 1-7-18

I was thinking, when I reserve 64 GB of virtual RAM on my SSD, I can play without crash. I will not run low on memory

But on wave 195, with 26,205,842 points and with 2:55:43 play time the game freezes! I waited more than 5 minutes with hope the game would continue… and it did. But my mood and the gameplay was destroyed. I let the game end and did little to get a better score.

Wave 220, with 34,002,951 points and with 3:01:37 play time the game was over but it did not go to the end screen, it crash again. Or should I say freezes again. I waited more than 10 minutes to respond, but I had to end it by force. I even could not get into the windows task manager were I watch the RAM usage. It could see I the end the memory usage was 100>#/span###

But it managed again to get my score to the score board after all, 1st place

This gameplay with freezes and crashes is just not right, it’s not a good experience, I end up 1st place but I want a fair game, if other player with 8GB have this problem they never get big scores.

Well now I am don trying, could someone help me with this problem, dev’s?


Update 1-7-18:


This time I played I the RAM filling up. I noticed when the game is on pause  Press Esc, the menu), the RAM is still filling up. I left the game for a while on pause, later I ended the game and wanted to go to the main menu. But here the game crashed. The RAM was not completely filled this time but was filling up

Included output log and launcher log file output_log 1-7-18.txt War for the Overworld Launcher Log 1-7-18.txt

The last crash report was from 25-05-2018 and is outdated, there were no newer reports. I don’t know why, because I played frequently after that date.

And of course in the crucible, no save game.



WFTO version 2.0.2

Windows 10 1803 64 bit

16GB RAM DDR3 2400

Quadcore Intel Core I7-4770K

Nvidia Geforce GTX770


I updated the network drivers, and Graphic drivers. No effect

Update windows to 1803. No effect

Steam verification, 1 issue found (1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired), Fixed. No effect

But I notice when I start the game this 1 issue is returning. Every time! output_log 3-7-18 Only short startup game.txt 

Reinstall game. Done, but not tested. But with steam verification, again1 issue found, and fixed

Image 6346

Game crash in ending, not going to scoreboard wave 170 30-6-18

Image 6347

Game crash in ending, not going to scoreboard wave 174 30-6-18

Image 6348

RAM memory in lets say the last half hour 30-6-18

Image 6355

RAM memory in lets say the last half hour 30-6-18 (2)

Image 6350

RAM memory when ending game (By Force) 30-6-18

Game Version:
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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Joosten_Erik,

Thanks for the comprehensive report. I'll pass this over to Cian to take a look at when he's got a moment.




Thanks and here's a Update:

Reinstalling the game did not solve the problem. When playing the RAM is still filling up (in the crucible on Memento Moor map)

Here a sort of log I made what was happening to the RAM usage when playing the crucible last time:

RAM (I have 16GB) usage by WFTO (playtime is the in-game counter):

Start up: 2274 MB

13:00 playtime: 2837 MB

21:19 playtime 3000 MB

29:47 playtime 3666 MB

35:25 playtime 4086 MB

At approx. 40:00 I took a break of say 45 min (the game was in the menu, press esc) 4470MB

Check in Break 4504 MB (after the check the RAM increased more)

Ending Break 5089 MB

50:26 playtime 5903 MB

59:34 playtime 6392 MB

1:08:56 playtime 7139 MB

1:14:45 playtime 7538 MB

1:32:30 playtime 10.883 MB (>10GB)

1:40:58 playtime 13.000 MB

1:43:39 playtime 13.362 MB

At 1:45:09 playtime, a memory usage by WFTO of 13.702,0 MB (>13GB. Note windows also needs RAM. So the 16GB is almost completely full)

At 1:49:13 playtime I barely could get back from windows to the game (I was checking the RAM usage in windows)

(I think windows Is going to use the virtual RAM now)

At 2:13:05 a hik-up or freeze or not responsive system (call them what you like, I think a freeze is best) for I think 30 sec (in wave 70)

At 2:13:05 a freeze more than 5 minutes (in wave 99)

At 2:26:56 a freeze more than 5 minutes (in wave 127)

At 2:37:55 a freeze I could not recover from. I waited 10 minutes and ended the game by force. (wave 155)

Notice that even on pause the RAM is filling up

The RAM drops to windows normal proportions if WFTO has ended.

There was no crash report, but here’s the output log:

output_log 2hours 37min 55 sec.txt



For reference purpose I played The Under Games (With MB I mean the RAM used by WFTO)

First I left the game in the main menu an go sometimes to other menu’s for say 30 min: from 2269 MB to 2409 MB
After that I played a under game: from 2689MB to 3523MB in 40 minutes

When it go to the end score it was going to 4211 MB

I started a save game from patch 2.0 of The Under Games.  

It starting from 3930Mb and ended in 4151 MB in 1,5 hour

When it go to the end score it was going to 4893 MB

I ended the game completely and restarted it. It started with 2253 MB of used RAM

Maybe this comes in handy to identify the problem with the crucible

(I can't find a way to edit my older posts, the button is gone. so i post a new one and iI also need to correct a thing in the

previous post)

In the previous post the first “2:13:05”should be “1:51:41”


Update playing with Patch 2.0.3, crucible on Memento Moor map


Well, the same story. At more than 11 GB of RAM used by WFTO and 1:42:00 playtime, I was going back to the main menu. This because I was not in the mood to play knowing the game would be crashing soon. But going to the main menu took more than 10 minutes to get there! Normally I would end it all by force, but now I did not. I did wait. Notice I was not using all of my 16GB RAM here.

(Reached wave 59 and 3,218,912 points with still all goldstones intact)

When I finally was in the main menu the used RAM by WFTO was more than 12GB!

When I ended WFTO normally and going to windows my RAM was going to normal windows proportions (11% of 16GB RAM used by windows)


Again I notice that even on pause the RAM is filling up fast.

How longer I play how faster the RAM is filling up

See the output log here (no crash report was generated) output_log 13-7-18.txt

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We've made some changes can you confirm if it still occurs it should be fixed

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Closed due to lack of response, assumed fixed. 

Will reopen upon a response


I am sorry, i completly missed that there was a response. I did not play the game the past 6 months. But now i know it may be fixed I wil give it a try (could take a while, busy life). Thanks


I have played a crucible game and I am truly sorry to say my problem is not fixed. I repeat: I still have the problem in version 2.0.6

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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I'll reopen this ticket and assign it to our Triage queue to determine whether we will be able to investigate further. (Since our last response we've moved over most of our team to our new project and WFTO is now officially in maintenance mode, we still plan to release support patches but only as time permits)



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We are investigating internally