MP - Ember Demon bug

demonizer3 4 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 4 years ago 9

Ember Demon can duplicate when you hold them in your hand, until the next respawn

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Hi demonizer3,

Thanks for the report. Could you confirm for us under what conditions this occurs. Is it in a particular game mode or in multiplayer and in which case are you the host or the client.

Do you have a way to reliably reproduce this behaviour?



It was multiplayer and I hosted a game.

** I was client.

Marked for Review

Cheers, Marking for review by our QA Analyst. :)

I tried this now for quite a while in various ways but I can not reproduce such behaviour:

I only have one Ember Demon and without any mnore reliable reproduction steps, we are unable to see what was going wrong for you.
However if you can find reliable steps to trigger the issue, please let us know.
Just holding an Ember Demon in the hand seems to be not enough.