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Long loading times and crashes.

Vepar 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 11



In a recent Steam discussion thread i was wondering if there's anything i can do about long loading times. Sometimes they're just long (2-3 min), and other times they're ridiculously long (5+ min).

Especially when the game first boots, it takes up to 5 miniutes to load and the main menu to become responsive. Most of the times it's just few minutes, but that's still kind of a long time for a game to boot up. Then when i click anything on the menu it stutters as if loading before finally opening another menu. And i don't mind the long menu loads, but the game constantly stutters when in gameplay, most of the time when going from one end of the map to another (long pans), and today it crashed out of nowhere when playing My pet Dungeon.


After the level is complete (tested in MPD), it takes a few solid minutes to get to the debriefing screen and then when the narrator talks, the audio also stutters.


I was told to upload the output_log file to this email address by one of the developers, so i'm doing that now.

I'm also sending you a DxDiag output in case you need it.


If there's anything i can do to improve it short of buying new hardware, that would be great.



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Hey Vepar ,

Do you experience issues in any other games? Could you please run CrystalDiskMark and get back to us with the results: https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskmark/

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Hi Vepar,

Thanks for the report and sorry to hear you're having issues with loading times and crashes. I've moved your report from our general helpdesk to our bug tracker and I'll mark it for review by our QA Analyst (likely who told you to drop us a line here) we'll review it as soon as possible and get back to you.



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Here's the info you requested. Hope it helps!


I just now saw that you had another question.

No, other games run fine. I recently bought Divinity Original Sin Enhanced edition and it runs without stuttering on Ultra. Serious Sam 3 runs great, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Shadow Warrior, Ziggurat, Grim Dawn, those are some of the games i have installed that are "more demanding" and they all run great.

Now, i don't know how demanding WFTO is in comparison, but i only get that kinds of issues in WFTO.

Ah looks like you got CrystalDiskInfo rather than CrystalDiskMark.

Could you please use this installer and send us the results?


I'm not sure how much we can do, especially if we cannot replicate the issue

Right, got the wrong one lol. :P

Here's the one you requested.


It kinda looks like my disk is ultra slow for some reason and WFTO probably uses the disk a lot...

That would explain the issues i'm having i guess.

Yeah wow that's terrible.

Could you try and run disk defrag? Just type "defrag" into the windows application search and it should come up, it looks like this:

Just hit optimise on all your disks. Let us know if that helps, try to run another diskmark once you have


I ran the defragmenter and although it didn't show any fragmentation, after running it it looks a little bit better.

It's still abysmally low, even for a HDD, and i think my hard disk is dying... Funny thing is, i never noticed it because not a lot of programs are very hard disk intensive so i guess it's a good thing i started playing WFTO again, i never would have seen it otherwise. :P

Well i guess we found the culprit of the issues i'm having. It's probably time to buy an SSD. :P

Thanks for all your help! I'll play the game as is now, hopefully i'll be able to buy an SSD soon so i can just use the HDD for storage and prolong its lifetime a bit more.

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If I were you I'd backup anything important right now, I dont think that thing will work for much longer. You'd see a great improvement from even a new HDD

Hopefully that all works out for you

Yeah i beter start backing stuff up and looking for a new SSD or HDD.