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Black screen after splash, tried all the things on your list (and several others). Sadface!

Charis 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 9

Greetings, when I try to run the game I get the opening splash and then a black screen and crash.

I've restarted everything, uninstalled and reinstalled, updated Windows (I'm using Win7 and I have SP1), fiddled with the launch settings and everything else I could find on the forums. I am now officially stumped.

Sending you the crash report and my dxdiag, and humbly awaiting deliverance,



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Hi Charis,

Sorry to hear you're having issues launching the game and thanks for trying out our knowledge base articles.

I've had a cursory look through your output log and this seems to indicate that the UI Middleware is crashing. I'll pass this across to our QA Analyst to identify the root cause and determine a way forward.



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The logs point to an issue with our UI framework, we will work with them and update you when we have a solution

Thanks heaps, guys :)


Using the info you provided Coherent Labs have found and fixed the cause of this issue.

The timeline for the Coherent version that fixes this is the end of July, we will work to get that updated as soon as it is available to us.

We will update you here once it is released 


We've not yet received this middleware update. We will let you know once it is released

In the meantime it would be worth attempting these steps.


Completed - Next Patch

We have successfully integrated the CoherentUI update, it will be live next patch

Thanks for the kind words, though I'd rather be a Barron of Hell. If you enjoy the game please leave a review of the game on Steam!