Bugs regarding the game recording achievements and game progress and skirmish accessability issue

Symphony 2 года назад обновлен Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) 2 года назад 2

The first issue I'm having is the game is not recording the game achievements and progress which unlocks skins. I have completed the main campaign and HOG along with the entire pet dungeon but I still cannot unlock any of the extras. Game still saves and actual progression in the game is saved, But it does not register it as "Complete". I have the steam achievements showing I completed them.
 The other issue I am having is with skirmish. I try to access it, but it only moves the background to the beast lair and keeps the same menu. I have verified the files a couple of times which seems to get it working again, until I take steam offline which resumes the problem and requires me to verify the files once again. It would be nice to not have to verify the integrity of the files each time I want to play skirmish. Any help is appreciated, and I thank you for the excellent games!

Game Version:
Steam Public

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