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Workers unable to pick up KO/dead characters.

Jamven 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 12

OS: Windows 10 x64 Professional

Game version: Steam 2.0f9

Description: In level 9 - Belmorne's Pass and it seems that in level 10, too, the workers are unable to pick up any KO characters (enemies and allies alike) or carry dead bodies for the crypt.

Initially everything works fine, but after some time, things break and the workers are unabale to function normally.

They seems to try to pick up the bodies initially - they go to the KO/dead bpdy and seems to be picked up by dropped instantly (the bodies slightly moves position). After 2-3 attempts to pick up the body (body slightly shifts on each try), it is completely ignored subsequently.

Things I've tried:

  • selling and reconstructing the prison seems to work sometimes amd 2-3 enemies are carried to the prison and even carried to the crypt, but the stops again and it isn't consistent (sometimes dosen't work);
  • restarting the whole campain and reach to level 9 again: same problem occurs after 15-20 minutes of play;

I've linked here an output log.

I've linked here an archive of the savegame folders where that happens - the save named "Buggy" is where this behavior can be observed.

Thank you.

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Completed - Next Patch

Thanks for the report Jamvan. This should be fixed in an upcoming patch (within 2 weeks).

OK. Unfortunately after the 2.0.2 patch, the same problem persists. Should I open new ticket?

I've linked here a new archive of the savegame folders where this happens.

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We'll have a look at this further

Any news here?

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We have been unable to replicate this issue, could you give us a save file showcasing this.

How to: Locate your save files

Hello. I' ve linked in the previous comment the saves, but here it goes again: savegames. If I remember right, the save is named "Buggy".

Completed - Resolved

This should now be fixed but will not fix your broken savegame, sorry.

Let us know if it somehow happens again