Wrong name for Underlord Shale in the german translation

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in the german version of War for the Overworld on any points ingame the name of the Underlord Shale has his german name "Schiefer" but ingame in skirmish mode or in the undergames-campaign on the buidlings or at the dungeon core there is his original name "Shale" as owner.

In the achievements ingame (the-undergames-achievements and the achievement with his dungeon-theme) he has the german name "Schiefer".

In the whole translation-texts from mendechaus at the undergames campaign there is the name of the underlord again "Schiefer" - but at the starting menue of the undergames (there where you can select one of the underlords for the campaign) his name is his original name "Shale".

So I hope you can change it because its very confusing when the name of the underlord sometimes is shale and sometimes is schiefer. I would prefer the original name Shale everywhere ingame. In my opinion Shale is a personal name like Lamash or Volta and should not translated to german (both Underlords are named ingame by their original names and in my opinion this should be with Shale too). By the way: As you know, Shale is a female Underlord, but the german name Schiefer is a masculine name.

P.S.: In Level 12 of the main campaign in the german version (after you select the level) there is a little bug in the repeatable text from mendechaus: the name of Kasita in the text is "Kasika".

Thank you very much for your effort and time.


Eric the Mendechaus Cultist

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Eric,

We became aware of this inconsistency yesterday thanks to our German Programmer. We're currently looking into it and deciding what action we'd like to take. In any case we'll be fixing this inconsistency in the next patch and we'll be sure to take your feedback on board. :)



Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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