Missing Rally spell in 1st tutorial

Csimbi 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 5

Windows 7 x64


Start the first tutorial mission and follow instructions.

Once your dungeon is breach, you are told to cast the Rally spell.

Except the Rally spell is not available, as seen here:

Game Version:
Steam Public

Prevents completing the tutorial, lol

How did anyone ever finish the tutorial?!

It seems that the campaign can't be started without completing the tutorial.

Whose genius idea was that?!

Thanks for fucking up my weekend plans!

I realized it's NOT a spell (it'd be nice if the tutorial mentioned that - usually it is), so ignore this.

I could not edit or delete my messages, sorry!

Yea in this game we considered it as cleaner to not have it in the spell tab, as it is too important and often quickly needed.
The Tutorial is explaining it and the button for it does flash bright to make clear where to click.
However people fimilar with older dungeon management games, always try to find it in the spells tab :)