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Freeze during saving the game on last campaign mission

Blokmeister 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 2

I'm about 2 hours into the last mission, and I cannot save my game anymore. During my next autosave, the game freezes. I have to force close the game, and therefore there is no crash log.

Here is the log.


Here is the save file:

13 uther's landing equilibrium_20180507162048

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hi Blokmeister,

Sorry for the delay in our response we've been very busy lately and are just now catching up.

Please could you include the .meta file associated with the save file you attached, we won't be able to open the save without that file.



Cannot Replicate

Declined, no response.

We will reopen the ticket wf we get a response