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hellfire potion

Sonny Bos 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 8

hey guys i was playing a map yesterday with lots of brimstone and i came across a bug
The reusable hellfire potion, craft one and forever shall it be your friend, for this potion does not disappear after use, it can be picked up again

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Steam Public
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have you seen this as a client in MP per chance? :)

nope this was vs AI

this was in the compunity map called "fort mira"

I just tested it, and I can replicate this bug at this map (in the latest build). The weird thing is, it only destroys 1 tile in a 3x3 radious.
I also tested the other Potions, works like intended
Going to test it in other Workshop maps too

It seems only Workshop Scenario maps are affected


seems to be an exporting issue from public

ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range.
Parameter name: viewID
#=qL4Olk_CuXQFFe4baLqKgFCd4UpGVKbLik7R9QKkggFo=.#=qTjzRG5NZMK$ruj9mm$to7w== (NetworkViewID #=q5xFek_f1nIUsLqw3cQsX2A==, RPCMode #=qv62NX5TYhjmzap27ah$81A==)
uLink.NetworkViewBase.RPC (NetworkFlags flags, System.String rpcName, RPCMode mode, System.Object[] args)
uLink.NetworkView.RPC (NetworkFlags flags, System.String rpcName, RPCMode mode, System.Object[] args)
uLink.NetworkView.RPC (System.String rpcName, RPCMode mode, System.Object[] args)
ProxyTiles.RPC (RPCMode mode, System.String rpcCall, System.Object[] args) (at Assets/Scripts/Multiplayer/Proxies/ProxyTiles.cs:172)
ProxyTiles.RPC (System.String rpcCall, RPCMode mode, System.Object[] args) (at Assets/Scripts/Multiplayer/Proxies/ProxyTiles.cs:176)
DataAccess.BlockDataImpl`1[E].Explode (IOwnedObject instiguator, Int32 damage) (at Assets/Scripts/DataAccess/DataObjects/Block/BlockDataImpl.cs:1478)
HellfireEffect.performServerLogic (IPotionData potion, Vector3 atLocation) (at Assets/Scripts/EntrySystem/EntryTypes/Persistent/Data/Potion/Effects/HellfireEffect.cs:86)
WPotionEffect.usePotion (IPotionData potion, Vector3f atLocation) (at Assets/Scripts/EntrySystem/EntryTypes/Persistent/Data/Potion/Effects/WPotionEffect.cs:27)