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Last Mission of campaign unplayable due to lag

Michael Aldersey 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 15

Running WFTO on a laptop with a I7 920xm clocked to nearly 4ghz and a GTX 980M and the last mission is totally unplayable after my dungeon gets big.

The game doesnt play smooth at all and becomes a slideshow. The laptop does not feature switchable graphics while the 980M is equivalent to a GTX 970 desktop gpu. 920xm at 3.6ghz is equivalent to desktop i7 920 at 3.6ghz and I have 16GB of ram.

Why is this happening? Other far more demanding games do not cause this lag. I cannot finish the game

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The game is demanding, not because it looks incredible but because there is a lot of things going on at the same time.

Personally i dont have any trouble playing The the last campaign level so does nobody of my QA team. (ans some of them have vastly worse pcs then you)

can you do me a favor and measure your GPU/CPU temperature during the game and a Benchmark program like FurMark?

with your overclocking and the games demand this may be the problem.

I can't play the game anymore. Once I load the level (last level) it either freezes or runs at 1fps. It is a complete slideshow.

My temps are never high. When I play a more demanding game such as crysis 3 or far cry 4 even with dsr at 3k+ resolution the 980M won't get above 85C after long gaming periods (normal temps for a mobile GPU) with no dips in performance. The same goes for the cpu.

In WFTO the temps do not get anywhere near this temperature as the game is not as demanding. During this slideshow the load on both cpu and gpu is low and temperature therefore very low. This happens right from when I load into the game. The gpu runs microstutters between 135mhz and 1120mhz every split second. I then quit and run a graphically intensive game such as those mentioned above and the gpu will pull along at full clocks without skipping a beat.

Also recommending Furmark to people is pretty bad advice. That software is obsolete and only serves to overheat the vrms on GPU's. Not an actual real world test. Playing demanding games at high settings and resolutions for hours is the best stress test. Furmark is proven to prematurely kill GPU's particularly in a laptop with thermal contraints. I never advise anyone to use Furmark period.

So back on topic I am afraid the game is bugged on this last level. It is a real shame as I really want to finish the game.

Perhaps I can dump the saved game file somewhere where you can take a look at it and let me know if it is corrupted?

The same goes for Wolfenstein new order that really pushes CPU hard too at max settings. No drop in frames or stutters present.

Please upload your save file.

the question is if other Unity games do the same regarding your temperature. Im sorry to say but we havent seen many reports about overheating since 1.2 (moving towards 1.4 now) as we continously improved performance.

please upload an output log of you playing the last level for a bit until it becomes unplayable, https://forum.subterraneangames.com/threads/please-read-how-to-report-a-bug.4689/#post-51529

here you can see where you find it, after that i will ask one of the coders to look at your log.

just as an addendum contrary to what i said before we have found more users with a similar problem, please upload the things i asked and i will bring this before the coders ASAP

Equilibrium meta file Equilibrium saved game log file

Alienware M15x

Intel i7 920xm

Nvidia GTX 980M w/8GB GDDR5 vram

16GB DDR3 1333 CL8 ram

Samsung 850 500GB SSD

Samsung 2TB HDD

Dual 210W Dell PSU's (420W)

Windows 7 64bit home premium

Symptoms: heavy stuttering during any kind of rendering. Whenever the stutter occurs the gpu clock in forced to 135mhz instead of 1125mhz. This stutter happens very quickly making gameplay choppy and quickly unplayable.

No component overheating. I keep temps always well under control and consider myself a hardware enthusiast (constantly monitoring these things). This issue also starts from the beginning, from cold boot this is definitely ruled out. Other games run perfectly smoothly including very graphically intensive ones.


i will send this thorugh to @scott Richmomd.

Can I have an update on this? Would be great to be able to finish the game.


Hello Michael Aldersey.

I just read your update request, i will give you an answer (although i can not say which currently as it has been delegated to the coders) tomorrow ASAP as our coders are off work for today.

Hi Michael,

I'm sorry to hear you continue to have issues with the last level. We will be releasing v1.4 this month with some major improvements and changes. That is when I expect to see this issue resolved.

Hi Scott. When will this patch release? With Heart of Gold or without?

Looking forward to finishing the game! If it gets fixed I will probably purchases the next installment :)

The (free) patch will be released alongside heart of gold, but you won't need to purchase Heart of Gold to download the patch (hopefully that made sense..) They're 2 separate things being released at the same time.

Hope that helps :)

Patch installed. Not fixed. Game uninstalled. Won't get Heart of Gold.

What a shame I am such a fan of the DK series and this was the only game that came close to that experience all that time ago...

I shared the saved game and I guess the coders couldn't be bothered to check it. You lose a customer.

Completed - Resolved

im sorry to hear that but it is your right to do.

please be assured that the coders tried to find the issue you had