General map design error

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I think at least official levels should be consistent at all times. There should be no fortified walls w/o any land around to be claimed and claimed land w/o any path to it. This is not the only instance, if requested I could point others.

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Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
  • Tagasi lükatud

Hi ZzZombo, Whilst I can understand that this is a little odd for the map, as logically the empire couldn't have reached that area to claim it. It isn't actually a bug. The map is working as intended (as intended by the designer who put those tiles there) and as you can see those Empire Owned Fortified walls run the full length of the edge of that chasm. Those particular tiles would have automatically become unfortified as you approached (dug towards them), when a neighboring tile is claimed and there is no claimed tile of the walls owner (the Empire in this case) in 8 neighboring tiles around the wall.

The UserEcho tracker is meant for bugs (although admittedly that's not a 100% hard and fast rule), whereas feedback like this would probably be better suited for the Suggestions section of our forums.

We do appreciate all reports we receive but on this particular tracker, we mostly have to decline/reject tickets that aren't actually bugs, whereas the Suggestions forum is open for all discussion and feedback. So for future reports/feedback that aren't definitely 100% bugs i'd ask you to post there instead of here.


- Nutter