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Windows 10 game crash at splash screen when I launch this game

Elliot 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 14
  • Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 17655.re_prerelease (1803)
  • 64-bit
  • 8 GiB RAM
  • Intel(R) Corm(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • VRAM: 2987 MB
  • Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]

Current Game Edition: Latest Editioin(April 30 2018)

BUG: Cannot launch game


No Play CheckPoint Because of launch failure.

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

Game Version:
Steam Public
Pending Customer

Could you please ensure that you have installed all of the available windows updates and redist packages found in the games install folder?

Yes, I'm sure all redist packages and .net framework have been installed

I just noticed that you're on a terribly old version. Can you please try and update to the latest version of WFTO.

You also need Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Sry? I am using Windows 10 Pro Inside Preview 17655.1000(The latest edition), and my game is up-to-date.

Did you pass a compatibility testing  on this Windows Edition? I mean Windows RS5

If you update the issue should be resolved, please update and verify that you're on version 2.0

I fount a interesting thing, I had selected the brach [在中国发行], but it seems like this branch is at patch 1.6.

No change after I turn to branch [no]

Does the bar just get stuck there? 

Can you send me a log now that you're updated

Please double check that you have C++ redist 2010,2012,2013,2015. 2015 is the most important one. You can see which ones are installed in Control Panel -> Programs and Features.  You will find all installed Visual C++ Redistributable in your system.

If you are missing any then please go to the "_CommonRedist/vcredist" folder in the game's install directory and install the missing versions.

I dont want to say again, I have C++ redist 2010,2012,2013,2015. Although there are 2017 installed instead 2015, but after  I uninstall 2017 and install 2015, nothing changes, even make my office stop run before I reinstall 2017. So, It's time to get a refund?

Now that we have eliminated all possibility of incorrect/missing redists and windows updates can we try to:

  1. Run the game as admin
  2. Ensure that your antivirus software is not killing the process

I'll keep looking into this for you but there is very little info in the log. The biggest thing we have to go off of is that it looks like something external to the game is killing the process as it launches

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Declined, no response.

We will reopen the ticket wf we get a response