My Pet Dungeon Achievements - Ponygrasp

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When completing the Ponygrasp level of my pet dungeon; the achievements do not reflect the correct level. The achievements display for Deepwater, the first MPD level. Please see attached screenshot.

I have replicated this twice on 2 different installations. 

Game Version:
Steam Public

Image didn't seem to attach for Ponygrasp, so reattempting upload in this post.

Current build is V2.0f9 - but issue happened prior to the most recent update.

Both computers tested on were Win10, specs can be provided if required but I don't believe it is related.

UPDATE: Exact same issue happens for Snowhope. 
When on the Victory screen with a breakdown of level stats, the achievements unlocked are for Deepwater and not Snowhope/Ponygrasp. 
Interestingly I can continue with the next level, so it appears to be specific to achievements. 
I've completed MPD now, so can confirm the only levels affected are Ponygrasp and Snowhope. 

This is very frustrating as they are the last 2 achievements before I have completed MPD.

Any ideas on this bug?

Many thanks in advance.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Natalie,

I'm sorry to hear about these issues. It seems indeed that the images haven't attached so if you could upload them to a hosting site such as imgur that might be a better idea if they're not coming through on here.

I suspect it's a bit late for this but output logs from the affected sessions would also be handy but in any case I'll have this looked into by our QA Analyst.

Also I'd like to apologize for the delay in response we've been extremely busy recently and haven't been able to review everything yet.



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I cant replicate this issue on Steam. Can you confirm that you're not on gog?


Hi there,

Sorry I missed the first update asking for upload pictures, see below:

Unfortunately I didn't collect output logs, but I've reproduced this multiple times so will try to do this for you this wekeend. 

I can confirm the game is on my Steam account natabeelie.

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I had levels saved from last time I tried to reproduce which saved me some time. 

Just loaded the game save & completed the level then closed the came and gathered the output log for the 2 levels. 



Hope this helps, let me know if there's anything else I can do. 

[Dev] Nanorock

Hello Natalie, 

I'm afraid I still can't replicate, and sadly nothing I see in the log points me towards a solution.

But I'm interested in the save file that leads to this issue, can you please link it if you don't mind ?

Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
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