ui bugged out

Sonny Bos 4 years ago עודכן על ידי Jan - Eric Merzel 4 years ago 5

so i was playing a match wich involves possesion with a friend and ended up having a empty ui

Game Version:
Steam Public
. יופי, אני מרוצה

well lets hope this was a one off then :)

שביעות רצון על ידי Sonny Bos 4 years ago

yeh its really shiney.. nice collours in mana bar, mana not regenerating above 300, no ui, no map, and 123456 money


this one had been reported by one of our QA testers as well. And was not reproducable by any of us.

The cause for this issue seems to be a connection problem. The tester in question restarted steam and the issue was "fixed".