WftO mouse problem

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When selecting the menues below (rooms, creatures, spells) etc., the cursor does not change from hammer to finger, no info text boxes appear for the menu, but for the objects in the background (ground, rooms etc.).

When clicking e.g. on the spell menu, the rock behind it is markes for digging.

These problems appeared with the update to The Undergames, before it worked fine.

I play with "-force-d3d9" in the launch options. Removing this didn't solve.

I play on Steam, using Windows 7 Professional 64bit

with Intel Core i5-6500 / 3.2 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 530

output_log.txtImage 5406

Image 5405

Image 5404

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hey we are looking into this, we'll get back to you once we know more

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Declined due to lack of response, will reopen on response