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Game crashes on start screen

Alex 5 years ago updated by Mike James 5 years ago 5

Hello! The game crashes on start screen. It loads full bar and crashes with message "visual c++ timeout". I reinstalled game, c++, have actual NET framework and it still crashes.

PC details:

Windows 7 (32-bit);

Intel Core i-5, 3,3 GHz; 8GB RAM; GeForce GTX 670.


Game Version:
Steam Public
Satisfaction mark by Alex 5 years ago

Hello Alex,
seems you run out of main memory (RAM) when trying to load the game.

> DynamicHeapAllocator out of memory - Could not get memory for large allocation 20779604!

> Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!

You have said you got 8 GB installed, but you also stated you have a Windows 7 32bit system.

A 32 bit system can only address less than 4 GB and with the operating system running you have less than 3.5GB which can be used by the game.

This is not enough to run the game and below the minimum requirements.

All what you can do in this case is either:

- Upgrade to a 64bit system which can use more than 3.5 GB RAM

- Close every other memory hungry application while playing (use task manager to find out what uses how much memory), lower the settings for screen resolution and texture quality to a minimum and avoid playing large custom maps, since they are likely to exceed your usable memory. You wont be able to enjoy the game to full extent this way, but you may be able to at least run it and play levels which aren't too big.

I hope this helps!

i installed x64 and everything is working! thank you!

I am glad you could get it sorted.
Enjoy! :)

Completed - Resolved